Cross-border project Slovenia – Croatia – 3M Mura-Media-Minority

The main specific cross-border goal of the project was to encourage and support exchanges in cultural and social topics and areas in order to improve the quality of everyday life, services and sharing of information in the program area. Accordingly, the specific cross-border objectives were focused on benefits of target groups as follows:

  • to establish cooperation between the local media on both sides of the border, on the basis of concrete media coverages (total of 52 TV shows) to ensure adequate promotion of 3M Mura-Media-Minority activities, events, projects and other cross-border institutions and exchange of information;
  • to implement two five-days cross-border media summer camps, which will help to raise awareness of cultural differences and cultural heritage on both sides;
  • identifying, promoting and offering media support for cross-border cultural and other events that were in any way related to minorities or ethnic community, promoting cultural exchange and organizing events that were interesting for target groups (especially children) with an emphasis on music, which contributed to a better cultural cooperation;
  • establishing a regional website platform and info-points on both sides of the border, also additional communication channels were created, which ensure adequate promotion and acceleration information exchange regarding cultural music events, cultural and heritage sights, tourist destinations, etc.