Media is changing the world

Youth exchange “Media is changing the world” has brought together 37 participants from six countries, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia, Italy, Spain and Romania. The participants were aged between 18 and 30 years. Our aim was also to involve young people with fewer opportunities. During exchange we have actively cooperated in the activities and connect with the local environment. Through workshops, discussions, formulated media campaign, creation of other media contributions, informal education and uniting we have learned new skills and competences. We have also followed the objectives of promoting intercultural dialogue, solidarity and raising media literacy and overcoming hate speech. With the project we wanted to get to know the topic about hate speech, fake news in media, about media in general and find out how modern media works. Our activities have been done at the accommodation and have also include visits in the local surrounding (local radio house, Roma radio, local newspaper editor house, local webpage editor office, municipality and presentation of the project to media and local youth).

A modern fairytale: Hate speech & fake news in media

With this project we want to alert young people to published fake news in their domestic and international environment and inform them how to recognize them. The media is the one that quickly spreads fake news over the Internet, often unknowingly. That’s why we want to show young people possibilities, with which the media can manipulate us. Therefore, the activities in this project will focus on learning how media works and getting to know them better as well as on finding out if they are fighting against fake news. Through a youth exchange »A modern fairytale: Hate speech & fake news in media« young people from six countries want to encourage other young people and show them how to recognize hate speech and fake news. With this project we want to learn how to recognize hate speech and its forms and work towards reducing its effects. We want to learn to spread horizons, to look at a certain matter more broadly, to spread our knowledge and awareness about mentioned topic and to spread tolerance among young people. We want to encourage young people’s team work and critical approach to media content. The aim of the project is to create awareness of hate speech in European Union, to give examples of hate speech and to warn about its consequences. Further goals are: to spread the importance of the exchange and spreading the message of the program with events; to learn how to be more cautious about recognizing fake news, increasing critical thinking, to encourage young people with fewer opportunities and to promote media literacy. Since the exchange will take place in English, we will strengthen our language skills and consequently knowledge transfer. In addition to English, we will also strengthen other foreign languages. We will increase intercultural awareness and improve public speaking. Throughout the project we will encourage creativity of young people in the field of multimedia content (photo and video) and enable the international experience for people with fewer opportunities. Young people will be encouraged to critical thinking, greater media literacy, intercultural understanding, engaging in international space and further collaboration in the field of formal and non-formal education. We wanted to encourage young people to tolerate other races, nationalities, gender, etc. By doing this project we aimed to improve digital competences, cultural awareness, recognize hate speech and gain experience, new knowledge and competences.

Let’s stand up for tolerance

With the project Let’s Stand Up for Tolerance, we encouraged young people to tolerate other ethnic groups, ethnic minorities, migrants, people of different sexual orientation, race and gender. Through the project, we spread awareness that in spite of diversity, all human beings have equal human rights. Through our activities we learned the importance of hate speech, its effects and appearance in the media and in the local environment. As the largest channel through which the hate speech spreads, we also touched the media and the web, and learned how to critically evaluate media content with the help of guests who came from the field of media. Throughout the project, we implemented a campaign that we designed during the project itself in creative workshops. We also invited local organizations to participate in our campaign in Murska Sobota. Youth exchange took place between 28th of September and 06th of October 2018, joining 33 young people from Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Portugal and Greece. The project included young people with fewer opportunities from different backgrounds. The young people developed personal competences and improved the competences of public speaking, developed foreign language skills, enhanced intercultural cooperation and defended their opinions.