Media is changing the world

Youth exchange “Media is changing the world” has brought together 37 participants from six countries, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia, Italy, Spain and Romania. The participants were aged between 18 and 30 years. Our aim was also to involve young people with fewer opportunities. During exchange we have actively cooperated in the activities and connect with the local environment. Through workshops, discussions, formulated media campaign, creation of other media contributions, informal education and uniting we have learned new skills and competences. We have also followed the objectives of promoting intercultural dialogue, solidarity and raising media literacy and overcoming hate speech. With the project we wanted to get to know the topic about hate speech, fake news in media, about media in general and find out how modern media works. Our activities have been done at the accommodation and have also include visits in the local surrounding (local radio house, Roma radio, local newspaper editor house, local webpage editor office, municipality and presentation of the project to media and local youth).

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